Some wedding pictures….

Here are some of the pictures (I am waiting for the rest of them, and the ‘full size’ versions of these pictures.. they are coming soon….). These are of the ‘civil’ ceremony and Colt State Park’s Chapel by the Sea. On June 9, the temperature reached a record high – 97 degrees! Well, with the health and age of my family members, we moved the ‘social’ ceremony indoors to the Wharf tavern. But our marriage license was for Bristol, RI (Wharf Tavern is in Warren), so we had to do the civil ceremony in bristol with a couple witnesses. My witness was my brother, Joe, and George’s was his friend and mentor Curt Ventriss. Immediately following this, we went to the Wharf Tavern and got married for friends and family.

And at the Wharf Tavern….

The cake (the lilies in the back are in a vase – not part of the cake). The wedding smooch….

George feed me some cake.. mmmm yum!Us.
(from left to right) George, Gette, his bother Kevin, his mother Barbara, and his brother Mark.

George, Gette, Gette’s mom and dad
Kevin, Gette, George, Mark, Barbara, George’s Uncle Tom ad Aunt Carolyn gette’s brother Joe, his wife Alex, Gtte, George, Gette and Joe’s mom and dad.
Joe, Gette, George, mom and dad

Gette’s friends from high school Liz, Gette, Scott, Ray, and Kurt

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  1. I can’t believe you had your wedding at colt state park! I got married July 12 in Woonsocket, and my reception was on the Harbor Queen in Bristol, RI. We took our wedding pictures at Colt State!
    Small world,
    Hope all is well…
    Paula (Remick) Vargas

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