Consolidation, 50 Years Later

A lot changes in 50 years, and some things remain the same. In 2013/2014, I was a member of a Task Force that was charged with analyzing Jacksonville FL's consolidation in 1968, and whether or not the promises that were made then have been followed through. Some have, many have not. We were also asked … Continue reading Consolidation, 50 Years Later

Are you ready?

Well, it is Friday before classes start during a pandemic. Needless to say, this semester’s preparation has been unique. This morning, I came across this Tweet on setting up your home office/classroom. Moreover, it was in a thread from the #ChronicleofHigherEducation article one what the ‘best practices’ are with regard to interacting with students … Continue reading Are you ready?

Governing through Covid-19

Well, let me start out by saying it is indeed a unique time. A unique and weighty time. We need to balance public health with economic viability. Education is going through a rightly-forced transformation, but without the empirical data to support whether the new all-online system will work for the majority of students. And while … Continue reading Governing through Covid-19