There’s a bat in the house!

This has been quite an exciting move!  Just a quick note here because I cannot get over it.  The other night, George woke me up saying there was a bat in the bedroom.  Sure enough, there was.  All I could do was remember the time Carol and I tried catching a bird that flew into her house with towels.  We must have look hilarious.  We figured out it must have flown in the up stairs window when  it was open (the window and the screen).   If anyone had a camera to see George trying to throw a towel on the bat and the bat flying in circles in sync with the ceiling fan!  Well, he succeeded, and threw the towel and bat out the window.  All is well, and I hope the bat goes on to live a long and healthy life telling the story from his point of view to his fellow bat-mates.  

More on the summer later…. gotta go!

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