and time keeps on going…

Again – where has the time gone?!?! Well, the summer class is done, grades submitted, dissertation proposal written, and I am moved from DeKalb into a house in South Bend.  Most important – I am a PhD candidate now, since my dissertation proposal was defended and approved! Needless to say, it was a very hectic summer and things are slowing returning to ‘normal’ – at least a new ‘normal’.  

This is the first week that I have really been able to sit and work on my dissertation.  Earlier this week I couldn’t sleep because I am concerned that I will not get enough survey response to obtain results with any statistical significance, and completing this degree will never happen.  I thought through another research proposal – similar enough, but different enough where I will need approval.  I sent off an email to my advisor yesterday and he will let me know by the end of the week or early next week.  So that left me dallying around today.  I did some reading (very little), but got other things done.  I made my first two sales of old American Government text books on (very nice, especially since I am not working), trimmed my hair, gave myself a pedicure, and other stuff that I am not recalling – just no work.  I was not in the working frame of mind.  
I am hoping tomorrow will be more productive.  Since my new office gets too warm by 2:00 or 3:00 to work, I am attempting to get back to my old ‘public school’ schedule where I got up early (about 5:00 am) and was at work by 7:00 am and done by 3:00.  That would be ideal, but it is not as easy as i thought it would be.  I am finding it hard o fall asleep ‘early’.  What’s worse is that my schedule in DeKalb was to go to bed a half hour after the news was done, and the news was on at 10:00 pm.   Here I am in the eastern time zone, so the news is on at 11:00.  I have found a couple stations that have 10:00 news for an hour, but i find I am still not tired when it is done.  I’ll keep trying, and eventually I should get back into my old schedule,  It also doesn’t help that since I am on the back end of the time zone, the sun does not come up until about 7:00!  I can’t even imagine how bad this is going to be in the winter!  Regardless, I should be back into my old routine within a couple weeks – I hope…. 
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