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Jeeze – it’s July already! Okay, well this has been a very busy summer. First, as noted in the previous post, I am done with comprehensive exams! Since then, I have been working on my dissertation proposal. So far, so good. Virtual nonprofit accountability. Very exciting, I know. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with that… so onto the substantive info!

June was quite the month – Bucci (my lil‘ feline guy) died of kidney failure after living me a wonderful 11 years of rolling in the floor fun, lap time love, extreme ball playing, and naps. Of course this happened at the most inopportune time (as if there could be a good time) – three days before George and I got married. When I was out in MA getting things ready for the wedding, George called me from IL telling me that Bucci was not doing well and that he had to bring him to the vet. The vet said the situation was not good, so I hopped on the first plane to Chicago. Bucci has to stay in the hospital on an IV to see if they could flush out the kidney, but it was not working. So we brought him home to spend his last couple days comfortably with us. He passed on Friday afternoon, June 6. On Saturday, George and I were on a plane back to RI to do the marriage thing. Needless to say, I had other things on my mind, and just wanted to get it done with. Not the best way to celebrate ‘the big day.’ I was more than willing to reschedule, but people had made reservations and purchased plane tickets, so that was not an option. I really miss the lil‘ guy.

We got married on the Monday, June 9, and were in the car the next morning to drive back to IL. (Originally, we drove from IL to MA for a friend’s wedding late in May. George flew back to IL to get work done and to be with Bucci. The original plan was that I would stay there with the car, and he would fly back to RI on the Saturday before the wedding. We would then drive back to IL together.) Later that week, we picked up Bucci’s ashes. We will bury him in a sunny spot near a tree when we settle down.

Let’s see… what else. Oh, the Monday after we got back my summer class started. Not too bad. It is another new prep, so it is time consuming (on top of writing the proposal). On the up side, where I normally have classes with more than 50 students, the summer classes are MUCH smaller – 16! Very nice indeed. Yesterday they took the midterm (all essay, of course – it’s an upper level class) and I will turn toward grading them this weekend. Hey, normally I have to grade over 50 essay exams – this is going to be easy…

Oh, a couple weeks after we got back we had the South Bend, IN (it was actually in Osceola) reception at his dad’s bar. His dad could get out to RI for the wedding due to the stroke he had last year. It was pretty bad, but he is making improvement, and is in good spirits, and that is all that matters. That reception went well. The week before, we were also in South Bend to see his dad for father’s day. While there, we found a house to rent.

For those of you who do not know, I am moving to South Bend in August to write the dissertation. This was, I do not have to balance teaching and new preps with writing – both of which are very time consuming. If I were to stay here, it would take me another year to complete the degree, and I really am ready to be done with school. It’s time. So, I am currently teaching and writing. I am currently working on the pilot for the proposal, and that is going well. The first draft is in, and I am hoping to defend it the first week of August. August 9 is the DeKalb reception (yup, three receptions! We did not want people to have to assume the costs of traveling from the Midwest to the East Coast, so we are bringing the joy to them). My class’s final is that week as well. I grade the finals, submit final grades, have a celebration, then pick up the moving truck, load it, and hop on the road and unload the truck in the new place. Whew, it is going to be a fun-filled summer!

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  1. wow! you have certainly come a long way from the little Georgette I had in school!
    Congratulations on all, I wish you the best! In case you didn’t know, MY wedding reception was in Warren RI too! We were on the Harbor Queen in the bay!! šŸ™‚
    Paula (Remick) Vargas

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