It Doesn't Have to be Perfect

It doesn't have to be perfect! In fact, it needs to be as good as it needs to be in order to meet your class objectives with your students. No need for all the bells and whistle. We are in triage mode; do what it takes to get to the finish line. This is how … Continue reading It Doesn't Have to be Perfect

Transitioning to Online Teaching This is a video I recorded to encourage faculty to complete a survey so that we know more about what their needs are at this moment in time. No makeup, hair not done, definitely not business attire.... or even business casual! I had just completed an hour-walk to check on some constituent issues … Continue reading Transitioning to Online Teaching

Covid-19 and the 'New Normal'

Surreal. That is how I have been describing the last week. As I watched the virus spread from Wuhan, China to other parts of Asia, then the Middle East, then Europe. One news story at a time, eclipsing the last. First the human cost, then the economic cost. It then reached the spread of a … Continue reading Covid-19 and the 'New Normal'