It Doesn't Have to be Perfect

It doesn’t have to be perfect! In fact, it needs to be as good as it needs to be in order to meet your class objectives with your students. No need for all the bells and whistle. We are in triage mode; do what it takes to get to the finish line.

This is how I am looking at the rapid transition to online teaching during the pandemic… and I am rather experienced using technology and teaching in different modalities.

University of North Florida’s Faculty Support Services

I do hope that faculty – regardless of teaching with technology expertise (or lack thereof) understand that this semester is different. This semester, our norms have been thrown out the window. Our goal is now to reach the finish line while ensuring our students are able to make it over their finish lines, while appreciating the uniqueness of this journey.

However, I also like to see this as an opportunity for faculty to learn something new. I understand the platforms, but I can fine-tune my knowledge of them, and learn new platforms. For others, this may be their first foray into the virtual abyss.

Own it, because for many of us, it is the first time since grad school that we have the opportunity to really dive into learning something new. Just the removal of travel time and office distractions opens up much time to refocus on learning. We are, after-all, life long learners.

It doesn’t matter if this learning is through research in your professional field or learning something completely new, like how to leverage technologies to achieve your goals – whether life goals or career goals. We may never have this opportunity again. Let’s hope we never have this opportunity again – at least not under these circumstances.

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