Transitioning to Online Teaching

This is a video I recorded to encourage faculty to complete a survey so that we know more about what their needs are at this moment in time. No makeup, hair not done, definitely not business attire…. or even business casual! I had just completed an hour-walk to check on some constituent issues that I received this morning.

Recordings don’t have to be perfect; they will NOT be perfect. We do not have recording studios and green screens in our homes (well the majority of us don’t!).

When I woke up today, my goal was to catch up on my grading. However, as I thought about transitioning all courses to an online format, I realized that I may be a bit ahead of the curve, having done this for a long time now. In addition, George realized that recording video is not as difficult as he thought. Considering he is a technological troglodyte, I just wanted to let faculty know that 1) it’s not hard, and 2) it does not need to be perfect. Well, it’s now 1:30pm, I have finished the survey and the video, and I still have to grade! Therefore, I am going to step away from the computer, and switch to the iPad to get at least one assignment graded. While these are ‘unprecedented’ times, grading must go on!

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