It’s here! #GivingTuesday!

Do you have $10 to spare?   How about $50?  $100?

Now that we have all given thanks for what we have, and followed that up with some Black Friday Shopping, Small Business Saturday, more shopping on Sunday, and Cyber Monday, it’s time to help others.  Here in Jacksonville, thanks to the Nonprofit Center, we have a great resource to be able to help others: lets people find out about all the local projects that nonprofits are involved with and donate directly to that project.  As little as $10 can go a long way in helping these projects meet their goals.

What I like about is that I can search for a project by category, organization, amount I want to give, or through keywords.  Since there are so many great nonprofits here in Northeast Florida, I like to use the category option: animals; arts and culture; building community; children, youth and family; environment, learning and mentoring; seniors; shelter and food; wellness and health; women’s’ services; and veterans.  There is at least one category for everyone!

Using the site is simple.  For me, I select the category I like and select “go”.  Then a list of different projects appear with the amount each strives to raise, a description of the project, and the nonprofit that is connected to the project.  For instance, one of the categories that is near and dear to my heart is building community.  Who doesn’t want to help build a better community? (Or help seniors, veterans, animals, the environment, youth, etc.  All the categories are great!).   The first project on the list is called A Brush with Kindness by HabiJax.  Click on that and you will see what a $10 donation can accomplish, a $50 donation, and a $100 donation.  There are categories for everyone.    Click on the amount you would like to give and it brings you to a page were you can use PayPal (if you have an account), and if you don’t, there is a link that lets you use a credit card.  This is giving made easy!

The list or projects that you can donate to to help build a better Jacksonville goes on and on.  These projects are small and doable.  We can see them being achieved.  But it is through the small, doable, projects that we start to move the community in the direction of a better community.  One that has neighbors helping neighbors to not only get through these hard times, but to place each other into a position where we can all excel together in the future.

So in light of the holiday season, please take some time today to look through some of the projects and help take Jacksonville to the “next level” – one project at a time.


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