The Holidays are closing in fast!

Last year, I use the Nonprofit Center’s WeGive site to do my ‘shopping.’  Given that I live far away from my family, I donate to local charities and projects here that I know my friends and family would support.  Moreover, WeGive – and select projects – is on my gift list.  When my brother calls to ask what I want this year (like he does every year), I now direct him to this site.  I have plenty of stuff, and in lieu of more stuff, I prefer for people to donate to these projects.  It makes them happy that they were able to get me something that I want (apparently I am very hard to shop for, or so I am told), it makes me happy to know that a gift was given to some great causes in my name, and the best part: the gift I got helps others.  Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?  Join me in adding WeGive to your list.  It will give you a warm feeling and better the community at the same time. 

So let the holiday season begin! 

(But first, there is turkey to be eaten, and a Bloody Mary or two to be had at the Beaches Town Center Thursday morning…]

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