Measuring Social Media

To often I hear people talk about how their nonprofit is using social media and how many ‘fans’ or ‘followers’ they have.  What does that mean?  What is it doing for your nonprofit?  

I recently came across a great post about social media measurement: Social Media Measurement – A 6 step Process.  Baer provides a very useful starting point that nonprofits need to start thinking about to stay ahead of the curve.  

This Wednesday, I will be speaking at the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida‘s Communication Convening Group‘s meeting where I will be discussing how nonprofits can use social media to advance their missions.  Too often, social media is an afterthought in relation to the work that nonprofits do instead of a tool to help nonprofits achieve their missions.  Wednesday i will be discussing strategic use of social media, matching the right tools with the right purposes, and measurement.  So if you get a chance, read the posting that is linked above on measuring social media to give you a little primer on what will be discussed Wednesday morning. If you don’t have time, then just come and listen to strategy, matching, and measuring social media on Wednesday morning!  

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