Blogging from up high

I broke down and did it. Paid for wifi on the flight. So here I am, blogging from whatever the altitude is (flight tracker doesn’t seem to be working). I thought the connection would be a bit faster than it is, but it will get the job done.
I had a good time in Chicago and South Bend, IN. Short trip, but got to see a lot of people, which is always good. Before leaving I was debating which tech toys I should bring and which ones to leave behind. The purpose of the trip was a wedding reception on the first day (congrats to Fox and Katja!), a graduation on the second day (congrats Siera), and the third day for getting together with friends and family. Needless to say, there would not be too much time to work/play/surf, so I figure I didn’t need them all (or so I thought).
So the must: iPhone and camera. The debate was between the iPad and the MacBook Air. George asked if I really needed both, and at first I was only going to bring the iPad. But I was taking my camera and I wanted to upload and play with the photos from the wedding reception and get them back to the happy couple ASAP. So I opted for the laptop, and even though I almost grabbed the iPad before leaving, I left it at home.
I realized on the way to the airport how that was probably not the optimal choice. The books I read during flights are on the iPad. But instead of turning around, I decided I could catch up on some article I have to read that are on the laptop. On the flight out, I found that I like reading PDFs on the iPad more because I can easily annotate them in my app iAnnotate. Doh!
Long story relatively short: I was able to get the pics out to Fox because I had the laptop, but I was not able to get much work done (did get some writing done, but not as much reading done as I wanted to). I guess I am still waiting for the optimal devise that will do everything in an efficient and user-friendly format. Both devises have their own drawbacks and advantages. I just wish I didn’t need to bring both with me when I travel.
Still, even without the iPad, it was a fun, but productive, trip. Now it is time to make it more productive by getting some more work done before we land.

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