My car buying experience

WARNING: this post has nothing to do with social media.  It is one of my musings on life.  That said, if you would like to relate it to social media, think about how an individual’s bad experience can spread online… {and I would like to not that I am not going to Tweet this or link it to my professional Facebook page]

I feel a bit guilty.  I have no idea why, other than that “Catholic guilt” one carries with them throughout their life.

The “thing” I feel a bit guilty about is the review I just posted about my car buying experience.  I did not lie, just told the truth.  I guess it falls in line with the adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.”  And I wouldn’t have, other than it was requested feedback, and I feel feedback should be truthful to help in personal and professional growth.

So how bad was the review?  Here it is:

I really like the car.  I did not like the process, at all.
When inquiring with friends, they told me they were very happy with Todd.  Unfortunately, I ended up with Mark (I don’t recall if Todd wasn’t there or if I learned of him after first meeting Mark).  Maybe the review that follows would have been different if I went with Todd.
I found that Mark was not helpful, especially when I inquired about maintenance lists, service, etc.  He was flush with stories about “him” and “his owners”, but not forthcoming when it came to answering my questions.  He did not provide me with a list, just vague “answers.”  His stories were many and lengthy, taking up a lot of my time.
I also felt like they did not take me seriously, especially without my husband (who was mentioned a lot, even though I was the one purchasing the car for me, and I am far more mechanically inclined than he).  I do not appreciate compliments on my clothing choice when I am signing contracts and discussing terms and agreements (I came from my office).   I have never had to experience that when in meetings with professionals.  I sat there wondering if I were a male, would they be commenting on my tie or shoes?  Then I had a credit at the mini store, and the catalog that was handed to me was for clothing.  I had to request a catalog of more practical items.  The final instance that I will mention here was once I completed the paperwork and was waiting for my credit union to call, Mark told me he had to go eat lunch (which is perfectly understandable), but he felt the need to tell me to “make sure I don’t skip any gears when shifting.”  Really?  I never would have guessed.  I learned how to drive on a manual transmission, I requested a manual, and he was with me for the test drive, yet he felt the need to give me some driving tips.  Earlier in the day, he showed me a copy of this survey and how he/they expect all 10s.  It looks like neither of us are satisfied.

Well, that is the review.  It was me who gave the dealership a 2 star rating.  Like I said, I really like the car (although the headrests have a bit to be desired – not overly comfortable).  Luckily, I am the type of person who drives a car until its life is almost over.  I traded in my 15-year-old Volvo for this car.  I’ll miss her, but it was time.

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