Working at Panera

It’s an overcast/rainy Friday, and I decided to move my office space from home to Panera, where there is an endless supply of coffee. Mmmm…. coffee. =)

I have spent the last two days trying to get many different programs on different platforms to work together for the class I am teaching the second half of summer, e-governance. My issues: a microphone to record the live lecture using Elluminate that records at an audible level, voice-overs embedded in Prezi, video (YouTube) in PowerPoint (on a Mac), and including wither Jing or screencast-o-matic in either Prezi or PowerPoint. Well after much frustration (okay, mild annoyance), I have decided to try it all in Keynote. If I were using a PC, this would all work in PowerPoint, but apparently Microsoft is not playing nice with us Mac peeps. So here I am, at Panera, and apparently Keynote it too large to download through the app store. Grr.

Once I have the first lecture completed, I will be delivering it via Elluminate, recording my lecture, which will include voice-overs in the mediums and video as well as URLs to analyze content and style, and and capture any questions/conversation happening in the classroom at the same time to make the session available at a later date for the students. To paraphrase Rodney King: Can’t all these programs just get along?

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