Ahhhh. Vacation. Not that I work really hard or anything, but I can’t put into words how nice it is to be back by the water. I have been here, in Portsmouth, for a week, and have three more days until we head back to Indiana.
While I have been here, I have been seeing friends – some of whom I have not seen in a long time. I stop be my parents’ house, Carol’s, and spent a lovely day with Glen and Tracy in Newport. We also saw the MPA peeps at our annual gathering. It really is great seeing everyone and catching up on what we are doing and the changes that have taken place in the last year. We also had lunch with Ally on Monday. We have not had a chance to hang out with each other in years. We use to bar tend together – and may I say we were a very good team behind the bar! It was so nice to see her…. I can’t believe how much time has passed!
We still have more fun waiting for us in the next couple days. In addition to going to the beach to read and listen to the waves in the am and pm, we will be swinging by Dave and Megan’s house (more friends I have not seen in years) and going to a BBQ at Scott and Rachael’s that night – and Kurt will be there too! Thursday on Friday are open days for us. The only plans we have are to go to the Wharf Tavern for lunch one day, and meet up with Carol and Bob to go to Flo’s clam shack for dinner. Other than that – to the beach we go!
On a similar note, George and I went to Evelyn’s Drive In today for lunch. It was very good. He had the fried clam plate and I had broiled lemon-pepper cod. Nice. I am not a fish person, but it was good!
Now some information other than food….
I can’t explain how much i enjoy running by the water. I use to do it, but I was not that serious about running. Now that I am semi-serious about it (or it is that I have been running in the Midwest, without the stimulation my sense get here), I really appreciate the scent of salt in the air, the aroma of the beach roses (although at times it is almost overwhelming) as I run by the beach. I feels so nice, not stuffy and stale for a change. I am really going to miss that!
This past weekend, George and I went up to my brother’s place for lunch and pictures with my new niece Olivia Rose. My parents met us up there, and after lunch, we headed off to The Picture People. They were all very happy. While I am not a baby person (mostly newborns-1 year old), it was very nice seeing my parents have so much joy in their expressions – especially my dad. I don’t recall ever seeing him around a baby before, and I do have to say, it looks like being a pepe suits him well. I wish he would be able to hold her without assistance, but the rheumatoid arthritis has taken over his ability to hold things – especially little people. I am sure that must bother him, but you can tell he is happy just to be there to see heer and spend some time with her.
As for the dissertation, I have done some coding (a little… very little) while here, and a bit of reading (while on the beach). I really need to kick it into full gear when I get back. I hope I have the stamina…

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