I like consulting! I really do. It is nice to be back out among people other than academics. Mostly, it feels good to be doing something that is helping others; doing things that can make a difference. It is a nice change from writing, hoping someone will read it, or teaching student, most of whom do not want to be there or learn the subject, but only need the class to fulfill a requirement.
Anyways, I have done three presentation for nonprofit managers, and have more scheduled in the fall. I also may be presenting at the governor’s conference in Indianapolis – a very large event with a lot of exposure!
I also have submitted paper proposals for some conferences in the fall, and in order to write the papers, I need to get the dissertation done – or at least have a good chuck of it completed. Between the papers for conferences and the consulting, I am finally motivated to get the dissertation done.
I have completed the survey portion, and have a polished index to measure the Web sites. I am ready to move the desktop computer downstairs so i can avoid the heat upstairs, and it will also allow me to get some work done at night, which should help in me getting it done. I am looking forward to being done. I don’t think it will come soon enough!

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