Run ten ten

Well, I did it! Even though I woke up late, ate too much oatmeal, and the race was delayed by 30 minutes, I ran the 10K in 62 minutes. It was 10 minute miles in the aggregate, but I must have slowed down towards the end, since I was in the nine minute, 30ish second range for each of the first 4 miles. I did win first place in my age range (there was two of us).
Either way, I am happy that I completed it. Now I am debating about other races. I won’t get a change to do the Relay for Life 5/10K in Mishawaka, or the sunburst race (very big deal here in South Bend – the finish line is the 50 yard mark in Notre Dame’s football stadium). Maybe towards the end of summer/fall another will come around. Until then, I am doing interval training and speed training. We’ll see what happens….

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