Fight Night

Hoo wee… I am looking forward to the back-to-back debates tonight on ABC – four hours worth. And ABC is playing it up as “ground breaking” because of the different rules and set up. The candidates will be sitting at a table, and addressing each other is encouraged, where it normally is not. I do hope it does not turn into a ‘gotcha game’ between the candidates.
What I find amazing is the turn-out. At a time when we are writing about and discussing the decline in participation and interest in politics and government, the turn out for the Iowa caucus and, from what the news reports have said, the candidate forums in New Hampshire. Not only are people showing up, but the demographics of the turn has declined in age as well. On a similar note, all the candidates seem to have latched on to Obama’s and Edwards’ call for change – and not just Democrats, but some of the Republican candidates as well.
I am very excited about this… some people have the Super Bowl or the World Series every year, people like me get a Presidential election every four years, supplemented by Congressional elections every two years. And may I say… this year is looking like an exciting campaign… kind of like when the Red Sox play the Yankees!

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