Let it begin

What a night last night! The 2008 Presidential election process has begun, and the message of the Iowans who showed up to caucus was clear: they want change and conciliation. Obama and Huckabee won. Now, I do have to admit these are the two candidates of my choice; I really like both of them. As a disclaimer, I must admit donating money to Obama’s campaign – not much mind you, I am a college student.
Obama and Huckabee not only seem sincere, but from what I have seen, they also understand what it is like to be an everyday, middle of the road, American citizen, who has to struggle with things that, from what I see, some of the other front runners, would not even think about. This is not even getting into the momentous occasion of an African American winning in a predominantly white state. In addition, the turnout for the democratic caucus more than doubled from 2004, AND the make up of the political universe has a chance to affect not only different demographics, but the outcome of this shift will impact the message of future politicians and the country’s policies. Wouldn’t that be wonderful – to have policy that is shaped to be more representative in its focus and drive! Change is in the air, as I see it, and this is good.

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