Happy Holidays!

We are back in DeKalb… and most importantly – home with Bucci. The drive was wonderfully uneventful – all 34 hours of it (17 each way). My family and friends all seem to be doing fine, although many of the people we normally get together with were out of town either visiting family or on vacation. We still had a good time, and got to see some close friend. I guess it worked out for the best this way since the trip this year was short. On another good note, within the next two weeks I should finish with my class preps, and put a good dent into comp prep/ studying. I have a lot of the information input done, but I have a couple classes to add from the fall. Getting this done will be a huge plus! Then, only the memorization will be left…
Like most people, this is the week I look back at the past year and try and identify what I can do better next year – and there are always plenty of areas I can improve in. I am pretty sure that I finally have organization down pat, but I am thinking that I should try to write some more. It need not be anything big – no novels or anything – but just get used to sitting down and putting my ideas onto paper or into the computer. I have not had to do that for a while now, and I know I am out of practice. So I guess that is it – write more. And in doing so, I will get to practice my typing and thinking off the cuff, so to say. However, when I say I have to write more, I am also hoping to go back to journaling – writing by hand in my leather bound journal – which is still empty.
Other than that, I guess the same items that are on my list every year will be “copy and pasted” to this year’s as well – exercise more, eat more healthy, read more (if possible), watch less TV, enjoy a movie more often, and appreciate my surroundings. Now mind you, I am healthy, active and appreciative, but I believe you can never be too much of any of these things!
Until next time – Happy New Year!!!

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