This has to be quick – I have a lot of work to get done still, and it is starting to get late.
Last night’s debate was good… although you could tell the candidates were tired, and at times a bit ‘snippy.’ But other than that, it was good. They didn’t get into policy details too much (if any), but it was as chance to see how they interact with each other, and respond to each other. But for me, the most exciting part was to see the lines of people waiting to get into the different events to see Barack Obama today. As I have mentioned before, it is so exciting for me to see this many people, and a good portion of them young, being involved in the political process. My hope is that this interest will not wane.

I guess the biggest question would be if Obama does not win the primary, will this new group of voters, many young, be turned away from politics in the future? I sure hope not, but I also hope that we will not get a chance to find out, since I really want to see Obama win the primary! I like what I hear, and from what I have read (including one of his books) he is a very thoughtful person, who has the mental capacity to sort through all the information and make informed, knowledgeable decisions. While I think Clinton and Edwards could do the same to varying degrees, Obama brings in a fresh perspective and a different view point – one that I think is for the better.

I do get asked why I am not supporting Clinton, since she is a woman and would the first woman president. All I can say is that I want the best person to be president, and while it would be great if that person were a woman, I do not think she is the right woman for the job. There will be more in the future, of this I am sure. Maybe not the next time around, but there will be. Further, if she were elected president, that is no guarantee that there will always be a woman candidate in future election.

This time, I am routing for Obama. And the polls are looking better every day: polls

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