Another weekend gone…

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006, 8:07 am [General]

Yes, I know it is Tuesday, but I don’t work Mondays (hard life I tell you!). I know, logically, that there is the same amount of time in every day, hour, and minute.

What I still have a hard time with is how it perceives to pass quickly some times, and excruciatingly slow at others.

This weekend was a quick passing one.

I know for most, weekends always pass quickly. Not always for me.

This weekend, mine was like most.

I was hoping to get through more statistics than I did. I have a great data set at home that I just never seem to get to! I know all my friends are having the same problem, too! (That is me being sarcastic – my friends don’t have data set, nor do they care to – unless it can go out to dinner or get stuff done around the house. They are the normal ones – I am the abnormal one. And that’s okay – or so they tell me.)

By next week, I hope to have gotten through this level of stats so I am ready for the stats class I am starting next week. As I say to myself – often – how bad can it be? We’ll see.

Other things – the weather here is warmer than average, but gray. Not the best mood-upper. George has been in South Bend since last Friday, and I miss his company. Casey and I have gotten together a coupler times to get paperwork done, and I met him and Leann last night at the Wild Rose for a drink. The two of them have been going to the gym faithfully for the last week – good for them. I am happy.

Me, I work out on my own at home. Go for walks or run on my treadmill. I also try to mix up the conditioning stuff – yoga, aerobics, weights (though I haven’t gotten to then this semester yet – maybe today).

Um, well I guess that wraps up my weekend. Not much to talk about. Oh well. Hope your weekend was more exciting!


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