First day of school!

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006, 10:13 am [General]

First day of school! Well, not really. First day of the spring semester is more like it. I guess I am looking forward to it, but apparently not as much as Casey. He is already discussing the topic for his paper in his Political Parties class. I don’t have that class, nor am I mapping out papers that have yet to be assigned. I hope this does not make me a “bad” student. I just like to see what the parameters are before I start picking at topics. Besides, my paper topics are usually based are nonprofit organizations. We’ll see what the syllabi look like.

Busy day for me. I am working today until a little past one, then I walk home, switch bags, and head out the door again to meet with a professor who I hope will be on my program committee. Once I know that, then I can set up a time and date for my qualifying exam. I have been told it sounds a lot worse than what it is. Once that meeting is done, I am off to class – Organizational Development, better known as OD. I am looking forward to that. My other classes are intermediate stats and qualitative research – interesting, but not something that I can get all excited about.

As far as temperatures go, it has begun to cool down just in time for classes (I walk everywhere). Though it was very nice of Mother Nature to unusually warm end of December and beginning of January, but I guess it is over now! Snow is expected this afternoon and into the evening. At least George doesn’t have to drive in it this time!

Have a great day!


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