The Wild Rose

Thursday, January 5th, 2006, 8:02 am [General]

Okay – they new semester has yet to start, but our little group of grad students has resumed dinning at the Wild Rose Bistro on Wednesdays. Last night, me, George, Casey Leann, Trent and Sarah all got together there and just sat around and drank tea and coffee – I did mention how wild we are, right?

Actually, they did not have their liquor license last night, but it will be renewed by today. Normally, I have wine. Last night, Chai tea latte and water. Since I am also trying to be better this semester than last on my eating habits, I eat before I go, since we don’t meet until 7 pm. I think George and I are the only early morning people in our group (with the exception of Sarah, who teaches elementary school, so she has to get up early). 7 pm is late to eat, never mind to order. And Wild Rose is notorious for slow service, so the food doesn’t get to the table until about 8 pm, once all are settled in, and the drinks and food ordered. We have talked about a new meeting place for Wednesdays, but we all really like the food there, even though there is a long wait. We’ll see what happens!

It was nice to see everyone again last night. Brian is still down south. He stayed to present a paper at a conference down there. So our group is short one member. As for everyone else, they had a great holiday, and are back here in DeKalb. Casey and I are the only two who are taking classes. Trent, Leann and Brian have just completed comps and are starting their dissertations. Casey and I are ready to get through this semester. I got my books, have brushed off the dust that has settled on the stats part of my brain, and believe I am ready. One down, and how many more to go?

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