Holidays are here…

Friday, December 16th, 2005, 8:42 am [General]

Well, it is the holiday season. It feels that way too with all the snow we have been having! It is not like it piles up or anything, just seems to snow an inch or two every day.

Yesterday, George and I went up to a little town called Genoa. Found a couple cute shops and some great wine. What was most shocking to me was getting there. Here we are, on a country road (I know what they mean by that term), with NOTHING around….very few trees – and small at that – and lots of fields. The corn has been harvested, so there is just a lot of open land…. I am told this is nothing compared to 20 or so miles to the south or west, but it (or the lack of ‘it’) got my attention!

Here we are, cruising at a comfortable 55 miles an hour. The we enter a town….a grouping of houses, so the speed limit slow down to 25 mph… 3 miles later, back up to 50. That was the town. Kind of funky for me!

Well, we got some shopping done in Genoa, and then did some more in DeKalb. Four or five more to do, then DONE!

Also got the cards done last night (and had a lot of them too!), and George walked them to the post office today. Lots-o-cards. Also put out a holiday newsletter with many of them. I also posted it on my Website under newsletters…( very original!

Looking forward to heading home, mainly to see everyone. Miss all of them. I am going to try to stop by the high school and the Career Center next week. Hope the weather holds out!

Happy Friday!

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