It’s Friday!!!

It’s Friday!!!! Yeah!!!

Don’t know why I get so excited about Friday, especially since I am working this one (took the last two days off – making up time). Regardless, I am happy. I have two days to do whatever I want to do. Of course, went I say that I want to work on papers and do scholarly reading that way, it doesn’t sound so bad.

Tonight there is a graduate get together at a friend’s place. George has my car for the weekend – the fuel pump died on his. I like to see that it is actually getting driven. I moved out here at the beginning of August and filled up the car with gas in South Bend, Indiana and once here…that is it! So I have used a little over 1 tank of gas in over three months! It is going to get to a point where I will need to get an oil change every time I need to get gas, I will need an oil change. Oh well.

Ooops, back to the get together. I am waiting to hear from Casey to see if he is going. The catch is that it is pot-luck – and I am working until 5pm…don’t know if I have time to make something, and if I do, I don’t think I have anything to make, and I also don’t have a car. This could be a problem. I’ll wait to hear from Casey Bear…

I received a great email from Matt (Taunton High School, MA Headmaster) – it was the Happy Friday Dance!! I used to do a happy Friday dance… I don’t normally work Fridays anymore, so I guess I don’t do that much anymore. Ah, but today is different. For today, I do my dance!!!

The office I work in all went out to celebrate Teresa and my birthday (we share the same day). Went to a new place, and the food wasn’t bad. The company was great, as always.

Okay…got stuff to do. OK everyone – put your hands in da air and dance like you don’t care…IT’S FRIDAY!!!!!

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