Gette’s Life is back

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005, 9:59 am

Wow… I started using space at Blogspot since there was some code involved with posting journal entries in my site, requiring time, which is a very precious commodity to me.

BUT… I went back to this site today, and am very impressed with their upgrades. So here is the spot for the blog!!! Even get a cool picture in the background…sweet! So what I have done is taken the postings from that blog, and entered them (actually, just copied and pasted) into the journal archives.

I have been told that it usually does not get this cold, or this much snow, so soon in the season. The lowest the temp has gotten is –6, and more snow is falling. It is only December – and not even the end yet! It looks like this is going to be a long winter…

I made it through finals…didn’t know if I would or not. Will find out about my grades today sometime. They get posted online. Keep your fingers crossed! I know I am…

Casey went back to Georgia for the break. While I have been enjoying a 13-day consecutive below freezing trend, he is chillin’ out in 60 degree weather. I know that it is not THAT warm…but when we get into the low 30s, I think it is a heat wave!

I have been getting reading for my qualifying exams… It is more of a course of study meeting, mapping out a plan of action for courses I need to take than an exam. That’s good. The next test I have to take is the Illinois driving test to get my IL license. I don’t know why, but I am a bit nervous about it. Go figure. It’s not like I have never had a license, and I only need to take the written test, but it is a test nonetheless.

OK…I am going to get some stuff done. Hope you all like the new-old site!


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