I have given a lot of thought to friendship lately. I hold the friends that I have close to my heart, and openly tell them everything. I never hold back. Honesty is always a must.

I expect the same from them. They can tell me anything. After all, I think I know them well. Especially my closest friends. They wouldn’t lie to me.

When I was home, I lost my best friend. I guess I didn’t lose him as much as I have disassociated from him.

For years he lied to me, and I caught him many times, and as always – he would say, I’m sorry, I won’’t do it anymore”.

Yup, he lied. Again.

I am not sure what hurt more, the continuation of his lying, or that he has lied to more people than just me – his family and his other friends, too.

Well, now that I really think about it, it is a combination of the lies and their content. The lies (this time and all the previous times) has to do with an affair with a married woman with two small children at home.

When I told a close friend of my suspicions three years ago when we were still a couple, she said he was cheating, and I would always reply he wouldn’’t get involved with someone who is married. He’s not THAT kind of guy.

I’’ve known him for 18 years. Shouldn’t I at least know his morals?

Well, you were right Carol – I was wrong.

He is THAT kind of guy.

Guess he had me duped all along.

Lesson learned.

I am a fool.

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