First trip home…

Another busy week. Last weekend I went home. It was busy as well, and not much time for resting. It was really great to see a bunch of the people I worked with before moving out here.
Why did I resign from a great job?
What was I thinking?
Did I think I would find reading and writing all day and night more fun that working with teenagers and living in the water?

I ask myself that sometimes. Usually when I am half way through reading something and realize I have no idea what the hell the author is trying to say. Well, not that I don’t understand, just can’t fully conceptualize it. That is frustrating.

I will say this is challenging. I guess I am use to this stuff all coming easy to me, and I have to suck it up, and put some thought into it. I was discussing this with one of my classmates – Cassey – last night over some beer after class. He feels the same way – nice to know I am not alone in this. He asks the same questions to himself too. To boot, we are both outgoing people who thrive on social interaction. We are not getting that here (in our apartments, reading and writing).

Anyways, we both know it will be worth it in the long run. I like the idea of getting the change to do all this reading- just a lot at one time in different areas makes me meld the concepts together. Some would say it is good to make the connections. I guess.

Anyways, back to home. I got there, went to the high school I use to work at (Go Tigers!), and then went to my parents house to tackle the toilet – plumbing. Nothing big, I have replaced the inside of a toilet before. No problem!

1) Turn the shut-off “off”.
2) Drain the tank.
3) Remove old parts.
4) Install new parts.
5) Turn shut-off “on”.

Well, there is where the problem occurred. I did my part right. It was the shut-off valve’s fault. It didn’t want to play. It was stripped.

Now for a new house, it wouldn’t be so bad. Just replace the shut-off valve. But for a house that is over 100 years old, this can cause a problem.

I turn the main water supply into the house off. Go back and try to remove the shut-off valve.

The threads are old and unravel. The pipe breaks.

Okay…take a deep breath. There is still water slowly coming through the pipe.

I go back into the cellar to make sure nothing else broke…looks okay. Okay.

Hmm…dad, we are going to have to call a plumber (it is late Friday afternoon to boot). I do not have enough confidence in my soldering skills.

Lets call the plumber.


Yes, I have an emergency. (I tell the story). My parents have no water in there house right now until this is fixed.

Mama, every call we get after 6pm is an emergency. We cannot get any one there until the morning.

Nothing earlier?!?

No mama, we have 20 calls before you. If someone cancels, we will call, but as it stand right now, we can have someone there between 9-11 in the morning.


What other choice did I have? So I made sure me parents had a big cooler filled with water, had dinner with them (meatloaf..mmm), and headed home.

Mom, make sure you call me when the plumber gets here.


I go back to my place and try to get some more homework done. Damn school work!

Sleep well – it is quiet with crickets in the background and cool temperatures. Very nice.

Morning. More reading to do. Phone finally rings.

Gette. He’s here.


I walk over, tell him the story. Help him find a coupling link in the pipeline so we don’t have to call the town to shut it off from the street. He is done in about 40 minutes or so. He was a good at soldering. Quick.

OK…Bye mom. Bye dad. See you quickly tomorrow before I get on the plane.

Spend the rest of the day doing schoolwork. Go out to dinner that night. The next morning go to Monica’s place for breakfast (Cuerulli’s in Mattapoisett), and then back to work. Finish it up at the airport in Providence. Fly to Chicago. Drive to DeKalb. Type up the paper, and go to bed.

Yup, nice relaxing trip home. Schoolwork follows me everywhere!

Until next time…

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