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2014 Report on Nonprofits and Social Media in 2014: A Study of Nonprofits in Northeast FL

This report is a followup report to the 2011 report, Understanding the Relationship Between Nonprofits and Social Media in Duval County, FL.  Through a second survey, in addition to polling data, this report delves in the social media use of both parties in this ‘virtual’ relationship:  1) the nonprofit, and 2) the stakeholder. The survey that nonprofit leaders completed helps to explain how nonprofits are engaging social media. In order for these organizations to receive the greatest gain from social media, nonprofits must also understand how the end-user is using the medium.   While the last report did not address this side of the social media equation, this report starts to touch on how users in Florida and those specifically in Duval County, are using social media to engage with nonprofits.

Appendix A: Survey Results



Fall 2011 Report on Understanding the Relationship Between Nonprofits and Social Media in Duval County, FL

This report is the foundation for the papers listed below and under research.  It discusses the results of a survey that was completed by nonprofit leaders in Duval County, FL in the Fall of 2011.  The survey delved into how they perceive social media, from why they were first adopted through the benefits gained from each. The social media inquired about were Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Google+, a new medium which has experienced a surge of users in its initial month, was not included for two reasons. First, it was not available to the public when this survey was being developed and released, and second, it will not be available for businesses and organizations until mid to late fall 2011. Future studies will most likely include Google+, especially if its adoption rate among nonprofits reflects those of individuals. That said, the survey has brought to light why social media are being used today by Duval County’s nonprofit sector and how these tools are benefiting local nonprofits.




10/11/2011  Understanding the Relationship Between Nonprofits and Social Media in Duval County, FL

Much is written about why nonprofits should use social media and how they should use it, but much of this is prescriptive, with little empirical evidence supporting these assertions.  What is even less understood is how nonprofits are using it (beyond the number of organizations who have social media accounts) and even less known are the benefits gained from their use.  In order to better understand how nonprofits are using social media, their benefits, and the roadblocks inhibiting their use along the way, an e-survey was sent to nonprofits in Duval County, FL.


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