NECoPA Conference 2012: Boston, MA

I am “Shipping up to Boston” for the 2012 NECoPA conference. It is a two day conference and I will be presenting on Friday afternoon. The panel I am on looks to be an interesting one:

Concurrent Session 2: 2:15-3:45pm
Panel 1: Citizen Participation in Government
Location: Conference room 3540, 3rd Floor Campus Center
Moderator: Georgette Dumont, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of North Florida, FL
“Public Agencies or Nonprofit Organizations: Which Sector is Maximizing Its E- Participation Tools to Promote Citizen Engagement?”
Georgette Dumont, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of North Florida, FL
“Economic Inequality and the Density of Nonprofit Organizations”
Mirae Kim, Doctoral Student, Rutgers-Newark, NJ
“Bridging Practice and Research: Lessons from a Local Government Needs Assessment”
Valerie Berger, Commonwealth Care, Boston, MA
Heather MacIndoe, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston, MA
“Vigilante, Volunteer, or Profiteer? Deploying Independent Citizen-Investigators for
Law Enforcement: The Case of Korea’s ‘Caparazzi’ “
Robert J. Dickey, MPA/JD, Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea

There are also other fabulous panels that I am looking forward to:

Fiscal Stress and Crisis in Local Governments
Civil Society and Government in a Technological Society
Challenges of Human Resource Management and Training
Challenges of Contracting-Out Government Services

There are more panels that I want to see, but due to the nature of concurrent sessions, these are the ones I have chosen for professional and personal interest.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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