Video clip of me discussing nonprofits…

In the past I have gone on TV to promote the programs that I was working on to educate the public about all the great benefits these programs, and the organization I was working for, provided for the community. Then I took a long time off for my PhD.
This year, I was asked to go on Speaking of Business, a local program, to promote UNF’s Nonprofit Management Conference, which is co-sponsored by the UNF Small Business Development Center and the Masters of Public Administration program.
The clip begins with a brief overview of what nonprofits are and UNF’s Nonprofit Graduate Certificate (and some mention of the nonprofit concentration in the MPA program). It then goes into a synopsis of my research on nonprofits and social media, and concludes with information on the conference that took place last month.
Here it is:

PS – I talk with my hands a lot!

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