New Toy!!!

Woo-hoo!! My iPad came in on Monday night, and I have been getting acquainted with it since then. Thank you George! So far, I think that the relationship will be a good one. I have found a mind-mapping app that is good for organizing thoughts, a couple for annotating PDFs, remote desktop app, and the basic office apps. Of course the social networking apps, like the one I am using now to write this post. Surprisingly, there is no official Facebook app for the iPad, so I am using one that has a bit to be desired. For entertainment, I opted for Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube was already installed. In addition to the iPad, I also got screen protectors, a leather agenda case for it, and a back clear plastic protector (which also adds some grip when I have it out of the case). Needless to say, I love new toys, and checking out the accessories.

Other than the toy, this is the last week of classes at UNF, so I am grading this week’s memos and briefs, and finals are on Monday. Tuesday will be all grading. Once grades are submitted I am hoping to get the IRB done so I don’t have to wait until the end of summer before getting some interviews done. This summer should be a data-gathering-palooza! I also have a revise and resubmit that I have to revise and resubmit. It’s been taunting me from the corner of my desk.

I am also hoping to get back up to MA early in the summer, and then again in Aug. for the 20 year class reunion…. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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