It never ceases to amaze me how much technology can simplify our lives.  A friend of mine posted on Facebook how much she would like to attend a lecture by an animal behavioral psychiatrist (focusing on dogs for this particular lecture), but the place where the lecture was taking place was too far (Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford, MA).  I suggested that she contact the zoo and ask of they could record it and post it to You Tube – benefits the lecturer by getting what she does out there and helping more people learn about her work; and it benefits the zoo through publicity, reaching far more people than they normally would.  With the number of dog lovers out in cyberspace, many would find this very interesting and if shared, the zoo has an opportunity to reach far more people than only those in Southeastern New England!

Well, my friend noted that she would contect the zoo…. we’ll see how it goes.  I am always surprised when a nonprofit organization has the opportunity for “free” publicity and they either don’t see it or when they are informed of the potential, don’t seize it.  I understand that the lecturer may not agree to it, but I do hope they try!  There are many dogs out there that can benefit from it!

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