ready for Christmas

I am done decorating for Christmas… our Christmas Cone is up (yes, that is our ‘tree’). George tends to like it, so this is our second year of putting it up. What is a Christmas Cone you ask? Well, let me answer that. It is one of those gold painted grapevine cones that Pier One Imports sold last year:

We bought it (only one, about 4 feet tall), took it home, and wrap it in pine garland and lights, and then put decorations on. Last year’s cone decoration, near the fireplace:

It is good for living spaces without a lot of room for a full tree, especially since it is somewhat narrow. The other benefit – it doesn’t shed needles. the downside – it doesn’t smell like pine. Wither way, I guess it works. We also do not want to get anymore decorations – we want to hold off until we actually settle down. So we have been aiming for the subtle, understated motif for the holidays, which is good. We both are not into having a lot of lights and plastic yard ornaments. We have two small wreaths in the windows with lights, and a grapevine wreath on the door decorated for the holidays (it is always on the door, but is decorated differently depending on the season).

Other than that, I have completed the data grubbing for one of the three categories of NPOs I am working on. I am hoping to finish the methodology chapter today, which is why I am writing here; to get into the swing of writing. I am also trying to become better acquainted with the key board on the netbook. So far, so good. It is pretty amazing how large the key board is for a small computer (10 inches, with a 95% of actual size keyboard). I do need to get use to using the function keys a bit more, since it gets me to the keys that I tend to use a lot (home, end, etc). Also, tjhe delete button is in the upper right corner where I am use to it on the lower rights, near the space bar. one feature that is pretty cool is tthe touch key pad. It works like the Apple touch pad, with two finger scrolling, enlarge, etc. That is pretty nice. Oh, and the best part – LONG battery life!!! I can got to Panera’s (or nay other coffee shop) and not seek out an electic outlet. I can’t wait to do that…. maybe today šŸ™‚

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