Yet again…

Yet again I let a lot of time pass without posting! There was the election I could talk about (and may I say i am very happy with the outcome, like anyone who knows me wouldn’t know that), how my writing is going (not well – I can’t get into the groove), the holiday season that is upon us now, the economy, or how my life is in South Bend, to name but a few topics. But these are topics that I hope to get to in the near future. I am thinking that if I can get myself to write, write anything, even the blog postings, then maybe I can jar myself out of this slump. can you tell I am getting desperate!

Okay, so for today, I will discuss something light, since I do not plan on going back to work today.. It’s a holiday – I can take it off without feeling guilty! Can’t I?

Today is Thanksgiving. It is the first one I have been married for, and so far, it seems no different than the last ones, with one exception. I can now say I am thankful for having such a wonderful husband in my life. He really does make me happy. He also makes the cats happy (he is playing ball with them now on the stairs). Which brings me to another thing (or two felines) I am thankful for – Shields and Brooks! They are both about 5 months old, and we adopted them from an animal shelter in Elkhart IN – All 4 Animals. So far they are a handful, but it is worth it! I am also thankful my parents in are good health. They may be a bit slower than they use o be, they they are still chugging along! I am also thankful for my brother and his wife, and that they are going to be having their first child next year. I miss all my friends back home but I am happy that they are all well, and that I will get ot see them again over Christmas holiday. these are just a few of the numerous thing that I am thankful for, because if I were to list them all, I would be typing all night!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! maybe tomorrow, I will discuss the election or the economy – maybe….

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