Spring break!

It’s here – Spring Break! The weather is looking good (50’s and 60’s). However, the new date for “springing ahead” happens to fall at the beginning of break – so I loose an hour. Hmmmm….. I wonder how many other people who have spring break this week have thought about that? It is not like I am going to be doing anything spectacular – but I enjoy the chance to get some papers and reading done with out the interruption of class.

Let’s see… what else. Oh, I will get a chance to get my CDs into ITunes, and possibly browse its store to see what I may like. George and I are going to go out to Randall Road (shopping area) during the week to go to Trader Joe’s. I guess those are my highlights.

Anyways, I am going to enjoy the weather and the sound of the birds! They are calling now…


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