UP Vacation

Well, I am up in the UP (Michigan’s upper peninsular). Well, by the time I get to post this, I will be back in DeKalb, but I decided to type while the memories are fresh!

So anyways, as I said, I am up in the UP. I have been here for a couple days now, since we drove up on Wednesday. The drive was pretty much uneventful, and Bucci still has not taken a liking to the car, but George and I still like to take him with us on vacations!

Wednesday – After driving up here we pretty much just stayed at the cabin, unpacked, and relaxed. Bucci needed some time to settle in. Oh, that cat! When we got into the cabin, I did the initial scan of its crevasses and covered the main on I found with his carrier (a mid-size, soft sided dog carrier to give him ample space to hide in when he is in the car). Well, I was in the kitchen side of the cabin (it has an open floor plan), and he MOVED HIS CARRIER to get behind the door hiding the heater! Well, I couldn’t get him out of there, and George did make a good argument that he will come out when he is ready, and we can then block the entry o the heater. Okay, I’ll wait… but let’s open some tuna to see if we can draw him out.

Anyways, he came out and found that after cautious scouting, he likes the cabin, its loft, the couches, and especially the sliding glass door that offers him an unobstructed view of the lake.

Meanwhile, George and I started a fire in the wood burning stove, read, watched some television, and retired for the night.

Thursday – We met Dean – the guy George’s brother Kevin has doing some work on the cabin. We first met him as we were pulling away from the shore in the row boat – we decided to row around one of the islands in the lake since it was a nice morning. We rowed (actually, he rowed), and came back. The island we rowed around was larger than expected – but t was nice – man I HAD TO GO PEE AND BLOW MY NOSE!!!! So needless to saw, I spoke briefly with Dean, then headed inside to take care of business… George stayed outside to chat. We went into town a bit later – nice, quaint, small town. It has opened my eyes to the diversity in the county, but more on that on Friday.

That night, George fired up the grill, and we had buffalo burgers – good as always!

Friday – Today was our first day to venture out – Chapel beach and Chapel rock. It was a bit chilly, and the pair of socks I wore kept sliding down to below the top of my hiking boots – making the hike somewhat uncomfortable, but the view and ambiance were beautiful! We hiked for a bit over 6 miles, and ate lunch on the beach overlooking Lake Superior. After hiking back to the car, we head out to Grand Marais. Dr. Gabris (my OD professor and advisor) told me and George about this town’s bay – he was right! It was a lovely bay. My only disappointment was that I have been craving a pastry for weeks, and after not finding any yesterday, we saw a bakery across from the bay, but IT HAD CLOSED DOWN!!! How could that be? I can’t seem to find a bakery with nice, light, fluffy puff pastry to save my life. Not in DeKalb. Not in Munising. Not in Grand Marais. Actually, now that I think about, not anytime since I moved to the Midwest! Oh, if there is one ting tat I love about New England is the pastries. Although I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, I kind of got away from my train of thought. On out way to Grand Marias, we drove Adams trial (a detour from the unpaved road that goes along the lake). this road was unpaved as well. And people lived on it, and off of it. I don’t know why that struck me as odd, but it did. I understand people vacationing on placed off the “paved road” or “beaten path”, but these people live there – all ear round. It is amazing how diversely people live in the US. And government still works. Anyways, I was thinking about that during the drive. That might be due to spending the time that I am not doing other things reading for public policy class.

On the way back from Grand Marias, we took the paved road. It was a pleasant drive, with nice scenery – and I dozed off as well. Anyways, we got back to the cabin, and took a nap. I do seem to get a lot of rest out here. It is nice and quite – not cars, not trains, birds – lovely. Anyways, that kind some sums up today’s activities… spent the rest of the day reading, cleaning data, and watching some television, while sitting in front of the fire… relaxing. Ah….

Saturday – Today we went back up to Grand Marias to check out the dunes. It was a bit warm, and I dressed for cooler weather… I can’t seem to get this stuff strait! Anyways, it was a beautiful day, and when I get a chance to upload the photos, I’ll insert a couple in the post. What a relaxing time!

Sunday – Today was a hang out in the cabin day. We sat and read. And that pretty much sums it up. We went out to dinner at the Buckhorn – it was okay. Nothing great (we got pizza). Still having a wonderful time, and feeling very relaxed – homework?!?!?! Ahhh… it is getting done. We decided to take it easy today since we are heading back to DeKalb tomorrow. We have packed and have everything ready to go (so Bucci doesn’t get too suspicious as to what is going on). Time to head in. Ciao!

Monday – The drive back was nice – not too much traffic. We stopped in Wisconsin for some ice cream and cheese (not to eat together). Also a bottle of local wine.

We got Bucci into the car without incident, but he knew something was up, and decided to be a bit coy. He did come out of his carrier (aka his cave) to have a look around during the drive, but decided he liked it better not seeing where he was going.

The drive was pretty quick, and we were home by 1:30 – plenty of time for a nap and to catch up on email.

Overall, I would highly recommend the UP for a nice get away – no noise, no trains, few car (and none by the cabin) – just the sounds of birds with a view of the water. And the satrs… I haven’t seen stars that clearly since I lived on Cuttyhunk. I do miss that!

Well, time for me to turn in. Ciao!

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