Eight years!

Eight years. A lot changes in eight years, especially me – sort of.

Eight years ago today was “the accident.” Eight years. Sounds like a long time, but it isn’t. When I speak of my life, I think of it in terms of before and after. Before the accident. After the accident. It is odd how we organize and map out our lives by memorial events. It is no different for me. Just my events are a bit different. But the again, I would guess that most people have their own event ‘milestones’ frothier time lines as well. The accident isn’t my only marker, but it is by far the most pronounced.

May 19, 1998. My B.A. and A.A. marker. Anyways, today is the anniversary. I like to just think on this day. How things could have been a lot different. Sometimes wondering why they are not. My recovery was almost unheard of – at least that is what medical professionals tell me. Sometimes I question why. I am not a religious person, by any means – well not the organized kind. I have a strong belief system that I live by… and it includes the basics of all the other religions. But I still ask why sometimes. Luck? Stubbornness? Had too much stuff to do to remain in a semi-vegetative state in the hospital? Who knows. Maybe it is one of the side effects of TBI.

As for today, it is a fine day. George and I went to do a little exploring on the bike path today, but it rained and we headed home. Still enjoyed the truncated ride though! When we got home, we did some reading, took a nap, and watched the movie “The Notebook.” We both really enjoyed it; I would highly recommend it to others…

With my last week off from classes and work, I have read a couple interesting books for fun: After Dachau and The Tipping Point. I am currently reading The Story of B, but need to hurry to finish it – already have some Public Policy readings to do for class on Tuesday. The books for that class look like they are going to be interesting, so I am looking forward to it.

Okay, I am getting tired, so I guess I’ll sign off.

Until next time…

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