What a weekend!

Monday, February 20th, 2006, 11:08 am [General]

Wow, I made it to Monday!!!! this was quite the different weekend. On Saturday, we brought Bucci for his check-up…he is a beautiful, healthy cat. I already knew that! At least the beautiful part. The minor fiasco (and it was very minor) was just getting him there, and making sure he was comfortable. The temperature was -16 , with a wind chill of -26. Yup, it was cold. Cold enough to lead to what happened Sunday…

Sunday morning, George and I are lying in bed, and hear this odd noise. We didn’t think much of it. we figured the person living on the 2nd floor was moving something metal. Well, when I got up, I hear the sound of rain. the sun was shinning through the windows… didn’t think this was going to be a good thing.

I looked into the TV room (the spare bedroom) and there it was…water pouring through the ceiling, down the door jam to the closet, and onto the tv/dvd/vcr…not good. George got up and we moved the electrical stuff out of that room and anything else the water was pouring onto (including Bucci’s litter box). The water was even coming down in front o the window. What a sight!

I called my landlord and he said he would be over. George called him back to let him know how bad it was… he will be right over… and he was. He turned off the water downstairs…. the pipe in the upstairs bathroom had burst…and the room underneath (the spare bedroom) had water sloshing in the rug. I am not kidding… BIG puddles. Your foot stepped down, and water splashed up. Not good.

Anyways, the plumber came and fixed the pipe…the water was turned back on again. What to do about the room needed to be decided. The sheetrock will need to be replaced in a couple places, the smoke alarm is currently hanging down from the ceiling (don’t know if it works anymore) and the rug is still damp.

The landlord tried sucking up as much water as he could with a wet/dry vac, and then a carpet cleaner… The puddles were gone, be the moisture was still there. He also got a dehumidifier, hoping it will take the rest of the moisture out of the room. I am keeping my fingers crossed. All the stuff I had in that room is scattered throughout the apartment…

I am hoping things will return to normal soon….

That took up the whole day….and there is still more homework to do…

Still dreaming of the summer…

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