Well, today is my birthday. I woke up this morning and sang – “They say it’s your birthday….well happy birthday to me….they say its my birthday…I’m gonna have a good time!”

Then I ate breakfast and started in on more school work. Good time indeed!

Well, it wasn’t that bad. George brought me out for a burger for lunch. I received a tip to go to South Elgin, IL to the Village Squire – they have half pound burgers.

Yes they did, and yes it was good!

It is amazing how you can miss the little things when you move. Like half pound burgers, and people remembering your birthday.

I just discussed it with George. He said that when he moved away from home, he didn’t hear from anyone, except his brother Mark.

I got a call from my mom, and an IM from my brother telling me to call him. So I did. But that’s all I have heard from.

Well, Casey, a friend I made here, called me to wish me a happy b-day. We are both trying to just get through the semester. He is going to come over for birthday pie tomorrow night. George’s Uncle Tom makes great pies, and be made me an apple one (my favorite).

Right now I am procrastinating. I have to make a few changes to one paper and post it on blackboard, then dig back into the other, that is due on Thursday. It will all get done, but I really just want the week to be over. So does Casey.

OK – back to the paper I have to get done…happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me………

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