Going home….

Going home…

Ahh…I am looking forward to the scent of the salt water, seeing familiar people and surroundings, and my family and friends. I have only been gone for about a month, but I am ready for a visit. It may just be because out here, I don’t do ANYTHING other than go to work, class and home. Nothing else. I already have plans for when I go home. I think I just miss being around a lot of people and talking about things that are ‘light’ by nature…no dichotomies or canons or ‘big questions’… just simple stuff…

But it seems soooooo far away. I have to put in my time at work, go to class, pack (haven’t been able to fit that into my schedule yet), and catch a plane. And then, on the plane, I can finish a book that I have to write a paper for (sometime while I am home, I hope to squeeze that in too). I guess I will be just as busy there as I am here, with trying to fit in a bit of socializing too. It’s ok, since I am not trying to do this too often.

I also am trying to keep remembering that I don’t need to always strive for A’s…. B’s are fine! Once I get that into my head, I think I will do much better…

Anyways, when I get back, I have an annotated bibliography to finish up for that night, and the routine starts again. How much longer? I am not as stressed as some people in the program, which I guess makes me feel ok. But then again, am I just missing something? I hope not. I just keep chugging through as much material as I can, hoping to absorb as much as possible. And if I don’t? Well, that’s what notes are for.

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