I remember when Sundays consisted of relaxing, going out, and enjoying yourself. Ah, the memory!

Now Sundays (at least the last three) have consisted of reading as much material as I can for the weeks classes. I am not behind yet (give me another week), but it is a lot of reading.

At least the stuff I am reading I find interesting (OK – not all of it). There are times when I doze off, or find that I am not concentrating on what I am reading—- “what time do I want dinner, should I play with my cat”, or something not related to the readings. So I have to go back and start again from where my mind drifted off…hmm.

Over all, I have learned a lot in the last couple weeks, and I think I am going to enjoy this (even though I don’t really enjoy living here…but it is still early. The plus side to living here…there is nothing else for me to do but read and write). I like stopping to think of some of the big questions and relating my readings to current events.

Anyways, so far today George and I went out to breakfast (bowl of oatmeal for me and an omelet for him), came back. Read. Read. Printed, read. Ate lunch (Nachos). Read. Napped. Read. That brings me to now. Apparently the piece I am reading now is not holding my attention, so my mind drifted….”I wonder if I have any email…..hmm I wonder what the news headlines are…..damn there is a lot of stuff on this desk – I really should get back to reading…let’s check the blog…yup been a while since I wrote anything…hmmm read, write, read, write…oh, just something short..” So here I am. And my update – very exciting eh! Yup, that’s me…..wild and crazy…and reading. Maybe I should do something really funky with my hair for reading time….. no…takes too long.

OK – must get back to homework.

This past week I did think about writing about some of the news coverage of the gulf, and the focus on race, and the mention of class (i.e. poverty). I am hoping to get through enough reading to write my thoughts on that one. After all, the victims of the hurricane couldn’t get out because of their race, but because they were poor. Let us not forget there is still a class divide in this country.

OK – back to reading I go!


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