The move

Moving sucks. Especially over 1,000 n=miles away. You don’t know anyone, and nothing seems to be the same (and I guess it is not suppose to be). The Market doesn’t carry my type of milk or bread or favorite sausage (chourico). Grrrrr. Oh well. I am trying to adjust out here in corn country.
A bit more later…gotta get ready for class…..

I’m back. OK… the story as to why the move was sooo bad. George and I left on August 14th from Swansea. I had already been out to IL to set up my new apartment, but needed to go back to MA to get Bucci, my cat. My cat who does not like to travel too much. What the hell, he doesn’t like anything at all about traveling, or going into the car, or even leaving the comforts of his cottage (which he shared with Binky). Nope, not for Bucci.

Before Sunday, I went to the vet to get some medication for Bucci to help calm his nerves for the 16 hours drive. No problem then. I gave him a pill that Thursday (which I was instructed to do by the vet) to see how he would react to it. It seemed to calm him down. He just slept a lot. And I was told it only lasts for 8 hours, so I would probably have to give him two, one in the am, and another after 8 or 9 hours. OK…I can do that. It wasn’t hard to get him to take that one on Thursday. Well, let me tell you. I underestimated my cat. Oh boy!

Back to Sunday morning. Sunday Bucci was not being as cooperative as he was on Thursday. Nope, wasn’t having any of that! Kevin and I finally (we think) got him to take him pill. Wed didn’t actually see him swallow it, but couldn’t find it anywhere either. OK – Bucci is drugged – let’s hit the road.

So there we are. In George’s Ford Focus…cruising down I95…listening the NPR. Bucci is lying in my lap…nice and quiet in his blanket (a down throw). We get to CT…and it happens. He (Bucci) starts meowing this awful sound! I am thinking we might have to turn back…don’t know of he can take 15.5 more hours!!!! And —BARF—…. I caught it in the blanket. Whew. Oh now…here it is again……..—BARF……head jerk….BARF— all over the passenger side of the windshield… passenger window, dash board, my clothes, and his (Bucci’s) feet. Oh man. George asks “should we pull over”, and I am thinking (but I didn’t say it) what do think? Me and my cat are sitting here in barf, and I don’t think I want to be like this forte whole journey. So we pull off and clean up the car, and George gets me my first cup of coffee for the day. – for those of you who know how much I like my coffee, I went though all of this so far without having one cup!

We put Bucci into his ‘house’ (a nylon dog house for a small dog – Bucci likes his space!) and pull back onto the highway. OK..that should be the worst of it. We should get there in 15 more hours and then he can be out of the car and into his new home.

So there we are, driving along the highway. We stop at a rest stop for a pee break (we take turns so someone is always with Bucci), and are back on the road again. We are in NY now. Chugging along nicely. Making good time. Then……uh oh…this isn’t good. The electrical gadgets in the car go out (speedometer, radio, air conditioner). Hmmmm….. looks like it could be the alternator…hmmm. OK… now the car is bucking..that’s not goo. Lets pull over. So we are on the side of the highway. We turn the car off, then on. Well tried to turn it on. It wasn’t happening. Good thing I am a AAA member! So I take out my card. Where are you. On the side of the highway in NY state. Can you be more specific. I 84. Do you know what town you are near. No.

I see a mile marker ahead and George runs up to read it. OK. Can you hold. While I am on hold, George tries to start the car again. It turns over. OK…we are going to try to make it to Jervis Port. It is a city, and should have a mechanic working on Sunday, right?

We take off down I 84, and less than 10 minutes later, the car’s bucking, the instruments go out. We gotta stop. We pull off at Middletown, NY. No car place open there. It is about 10 am, on a Sunday morning, and it isn’t looking good.

I’ll pick up more on this tomorrow. Got some school work to do. Have a good one!

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