Consolidation, 50 Years Later

A lot changes in 50 years, and some things remain the same. In 2013/2014, I was a member of a Task Force that was charged with analyzing Jacksonville FL‘s consolidation in 1968, and whether or not the promises that were made then have been followed through. Some have, many have not. We were also asked to provide recommendations on how to meet those promises as well as any additional recommendations that would make the consolidation work for all of Jacksonville’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

Since serving with that group, I have been saying that I will write a book about the results of the consolidation of Jacksonville. This book is not an academic book, per se. The intended audience is for anyone interested in Jacksonville, FL, County/regional consolidation, or governing at the local level of government: government that is closest to its residents and the most accountable for its actions – or inactions.

I will use this blog to think through some thoughts as well as the structure of the book. Since I am an academic, the book will contain my analysis of data, both quantitative and qualitative. In that way, it should also prove to be interesting to those in public administration programs and other scholars who specialize in local government. I have waited a long time to jump into this project, and I now have the opportunity to dedicate my time to it, thanks to a sabbatical.

I also had to make a decision to drop the other book project, one that has been in the works for far too long. My hope is that George will pick it up and add to it so it can eventually get done. Fingers crossed on that.

On to the Jacksonville project!

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