A Southern Nor’ Easter

What weather we had last night!  The weather people call it a Nor’ Easter, but there was no snow (my interpretation of a Nor’ Easter is hot cocoa, lots of layers, and hours of shoveling).  Down here, just lots of wind and rain.  And I mean a lot of rain.  We had about 10 inched last night if roughly 5 hours.  When we woke up this morning, there was standing water in the back yard, the front yard and the driveway.  No water in the house, but it did get high enough to get to the doors on the shed.  Here is what it looked like in up the main road (we live right off A1A):

Before seeing this, George and I were mildly concerned that we had a lot of standing water around the house (the street was still fully covered with a couple inches hours after the heaviest rain had stopped).  However, all the accounts that we have read so far have noted that this is not usual – it is the heaviest rain fall the beaches have seen in three years.  Here is the story the picture was from.

The up side (in addition to not getting and water in the house) is that it is suppose to be cloudy and rainy all weekend.  This is great writing weather, and I have to get back to it…

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