New year, new adventures

We are into our second month of 2011 already and I have not written one post!  Shame on me.   I am taking a quick break now from grading and figured this is a good way to shift focus for a bit, so here I am.

Well, the holidays were quiet and nice, and I am sure I needed the rest since I have not been stopping since then.

January brought with it a cold snap (low 30s at night, and that is cold down here!).  So in the midst of keeping warm, I was able to get some writing done and prep my courses for the spring semester (and paint the kitchen red!).  I also received a revise and resubmit for an article I submitted to NVSQ.  Now to find the time to revist and resubmit it!

On a similar note, I interviewed at UNF for their Nonprofit Management position and got the job!  Very good news, although I do think George is more excited than me.  Now I am just waiting to sign the contract… many layers of approval needed.  I will feel better once it is signed and I know I have a position.

Spring semester is well underway and I am enjoying the two classes I am teaching, nonprofit management (grad) and state and local government (undergrad).  I do have to say I am learning a lot about government in the state of Florida teaching the undergrad class!   The graduate class has forced me to use Twitter more (GDumont) by posting relevant current articles that link to issues we discuss in class.  I like using different tools to expose students to everything that is going on the world of nonprofits.  For anyone who was following me and noticed that I have become more active, now you know why.

As for us adjusting to living down here, on Friday we attended some events where Greg Ip was speaking about the state of the US and world economy.  The morning event was for local politicians here at UNF, Jacksonville: Choosing a Future.  The evening event was with the Jacksonville World Affairs Council at the Modis Building downtown.  It was held in the top floor at the River Club, which I have to say was very nice with fabulous views!  Needless to say it was a day filled with much information and wonderful conversation.

We went out last night, first to dinner for George’s birthday at Sliders – his favorite seafood restaurant at the beaches, then to a beaches mayor’s forum (the beaches consist of Atlantic BeachNeptune Beach, and Jacksonville Beach) hosted by Beaches Watch, a member-based nonprofit at the beaches “committed to helping residents maintain the quality of life for themselves and for future generations.”  We got to meet the mayors and other people who are interested in being informed about what government is doing and being active in the community.   We learned a lot and met some wonderful people.

Okay, that’s all I have right now for my update.  I really need to get back to grading…  Until next time.

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