Busy, busy, busy

Wow.  I am really not that good at keeping up on this blog.  Last time was in November, and it is now April.  So here is a quick run down of what I have been doind the last six months:

Professional: I taught Nonprofit Management at UIC for their graduate program; presented a paper at ARNOVA and received a couple awards; presented papers at SECOPA and IASS; had some job interviews for tenure track positions (went to one, but pulled out of the pool and canceled the others) and accepted a position as a Visiting Professor at University of North Florida (UNF) where George also accepted a position as their MPA director; finished writing the first draft of my dissertation and am ready to defend it on the 26th of this month;and I am presenting at the MPSA conference next week in Chicago.

Personal: Other than professional travel, I went to Paris for a week with Liz; have been running and going to the gym; and most importantly, we have been house hunting in the beaches area in Jacksonville, our new home.  We will be traveling down there soon to look at some homes in person, but so far, we have seen that there is an active biking (non-motorized) group, a wonderful farmer’s market that is open everyday downtown, and that we are hoping to find a house in a very walkable area.

So those are the updates of everything I have been doing.  Let’s hope I can stay a bit more on top of he blogging…..

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