A very good month

This month, I completed coding all the Web sites, went to the AoM (Academy of Management) PNP (Public and Nonprofit) doctoral consortium, and the best news… I got an offer to teach the graduate Nonprofit Management course at UIC (University of Illinois Chicago)!
The NP&P social marketing workshops are gearing up again as well. I guess it is almost feast or famine. Last month, Outlook crashed on me, and I had a difficult time getting back my calendar and email. So I decided to try the ‘old school’ PPA (Personal Paper Assistant, as George calls it). When I was looking at them, I realized that I no longer need the two-page/day, every 15 minute increment design. Nope. I could get by just fine with the one month per page. It kind of saddened me. I use to be busy, and have a lot of meetings, sessions, classes, etc. Now, I stay home and work on the dissertation. Well, that was until this month! It feels good to fill in the days again! Now I almost feel overwhelmed… almost. Not quite there yet. It just feels good to be socially productive again!

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