Sunday morning…

This has been a very nice weekend, with the exception of all the fireworks (or should I say firecrackers) for the last couple days. As noted in the last post, George and I spent some time at the zoo yesterday (late morning/early afternoon). After that we went home, made blueberry preserves, and grilled some pizza. The drizzling didn’t slow us down one bit (maybe a little, since we opted to eat inside instead of on the deck). That night we watched a Capitol 4th on PBS… the celebration that takes place in DC. It was really good – even had Big Bird and some of the other characters from Sesame Street. You never get too old for them!

This morning we decided to try our ‘new’ routine. In the winter, we watch the Sunday morning talking head shows (The Week, Face the nation, and Meet the Press), but lately, we have not been that enthralled with them, with the exception of This Week. We like his round table discussions. Other than that, we noticed that too often, the same political figures we doing the morning talking head circuit, and they would really say the SAME thing on each show, regardless of the question asked!

Anyways, we decided (at least while the weather is nice) to walk or bike (this morning we walked) to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe for some coffee and reading. So that is were I am. Sitting in the cafe, with George reading Galbraith (A Journey Through Economic Time), and me on the computer, writing and updating my Web sites

After we get home, on today’s to-do list is to wash the car, code some more Web sites (I blog about my progress on the dissertation here), and make and can blueberry jam. I am also thinking of freezing some, or making a blueberry pie, although my waistline opts for the freezing! We’ll see what happens…

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